Introduction Operator CPC Course

Operator CPC – Road Haulage

An Operator CPC qualification is required if you want to become a transport manager or an owner operator within the commercial transport industry.

The CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. Similar (in wording only) to the Driver CPC qualification but completely different. Operator CPC is for management and Driver CPC is for drivers.

Having the operator CPC qualification means the holder has a thorough understanding of running a transport business.

To be awarded an Operator CPC qualification, students must pass a number of examinations, including one multi-choice and one case study paper.

National and International CPC Combined.

It used to be the case that you had a number of “different” management CPC qualifications, i.e. you could just attain the national CPC and then at a later date add the international CPC.
This is no longer the case. The national and international CPC are now combined into one qualification. This is to bring us more in line with Europe. This change does not necessarily make the questions more difficult it just makes the subject matter greater.

The exams are currently managed by OCR and taken 4 times a year. The syllabus is wide ranging and covers all aspects of running a transport operation. The syllabus includes:

  • Costings
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Applying for an operator licence
  • Social legislation
  • Driver’s hours
  • CMR
  • ADR
  • Vehicle types
  • Transporting livestock and more.

The examination is regarded as an NVQ level 3.

Operator CPC examinations

Multi-choice paper.

This is also known as R1. You will be given 60 questions. To be awarded a pass you must get at least 42 out of 60 (70%) correct. Time given for this paper is 2 hours.

Case study paper

This is also known as R2. You will be given 5-8 questions based upon a scenario. The scenario is given to you at the time you commence your case study examination. As it is a case study paper and not a multi-choice examination you must explain and write your answers. The case study examination is open book so you can take whatever relevant supporting notes and books into the examination with you. The overall pass mark required is 50%. This too is a 2 hour -15 min examination.

How long does an Operator CPC qualification last?

One good thing about Operator CPC is once you again the qualification it’s yours for life. No need to renew or revalidate. The only problem here is transport managers must keep abreast of new and changing legislation.

In light of this many transport managers attend voluntary O licence refresher courses every 5-10 years. This is a “mini-CPC” and will normally last 1-2 days. It goes through and summarises the Operator licence holder’s legal obligations.

Getting the CPC qualification does require commitment and hard work. It’s a serious investment in both time and money. Getting the right training provider is essential in achieving your CPC qualification.

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Operator CPC Course Dates


Operator CPC Road Haulage 8 Day Intensive Course Dates 2020

3rd – 12th March 2020

Examination Date
13th March 2020
Last Entry Date
19th February 2020

2nd – 11th June 2020

Examination Date
12th June 2020
Last Entry Date
13th May 2020

1st – 10th September 2020

Examination Date
12th September 2020
Last Entry Date
19th August 2020

24th November – 3rd December 2020

Examination Date
4th December 2020
Last Entry Date
11th November 2020


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CPC REFRESHER – Road Haulage


CPC REFRESHER – Road Haulage

This is a two day course aimed at transport professionals who already possess a CPC in Road Freight Operations and whose knowledge need updating.

The aim of the course is to provide an update on recent legislative changes and operator obligations, refresh some of the key CPC subject areas which are vital to effective and complaint road freight transport operation and to raise awareness of current best practices.

Course Content
The Subjects covered are:

  • Operator Licensing
  • EC Drivers Hours
  • Working Time Directive
  • Environmental obligations and potential operator benefits (Legislative obligations and government/operator initiatives)
  • Driver Licensing and arrangements – includes ‘Due Diligence’ and EU categories.
  • Vehicle taxation – Includes concessionary taxation schemes and supplementary tax/tariff schemes).
  • Corporate Manslaughter


  • Analogue and Digital Tachographs
  • Road traffic management and enforcement – current VOSA and police areas of responsibility and activity.
  • Vehicle roadworthiness- major items affecting fleet standards and enforcement.
  • Vehicle weights and configurations
  • Loading and unloading vehicles- current driver and load safety standards and requirements.
  • Threshold of Dangerous Goods and ADR requirements
  • Road Traffic Accident procedures- operator and driver responsibilities and best practice.
  • Reversing vehicles (New HSE guidelines)

The programme will be structured to enable participants to take an active role and will include scenarios, confirmation of existing knowledge, practical work related problem solving and compliance based exercises.

Operator CPC – Refresher Course Dates 2020

30th & 31st March 2020

 9th & 10th July 2020

19th & 20th November 2020


Operators Licence Awareness Training


What is the OLAT Training and who is it for?
The Operators Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) is a 1-day course for operators wishing to ensure they are fully compliant with the rules and regulations surrounding the operator’s licence.

Your Operator Licence is your company’s most valuable asset. If you are operating for hire or reward, you are not legally permitted to operate vehicles over 3.5 tonne. This essential seminar is intended to support and guide those with responsibility for compliance with the O Licensing regulations in companies of all sizes.

It is also useful as a ‘refresher’ for all CPC holders. We tend not to use all our knowledge every day in the workplace and this day offers an ideal opportunity to revise and update our knowledge. Similarly, anyone considering studying for a CPC qualification would definitely benefit from attendance.

Course Content

The day will cover ongoing management of the licence in changing business conditions.

Delegates will:

  • Have a better understanding of the principles underpinning the O Licensing System
  • Have a clear understanding of the level of commitment and activity needed to create effective management control systems
  • Be able to clarify requirements to other staff, either superiors or reportees
  • Be in a position to contribute cost effective, practical solutions regarding compliance in this area
  • Contribute to a beneficial Health & Safety culture in their operation
  • Understand their role in managing the O Licence
  • Understand other colleagues’ roles in managing the O Licence
  • Prioritise actions to gain maximum benefit in the shortest time
  • Know where to go for follow-up advice and guidance
  • Be up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation

The program will be structured to enable all participants to take an active role and will include scenarios, confirmation of existing knowledge, practical work related problem solving and compliance based exercises.




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