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Introduction to Aviation Security (Air Freight) Course

Regulations require persons and organisations involved in the airfreight business to take precautions to ensure that anything of an explosive or incendiary nature or anything that could endanger or be used to endanger an aircraft can not be placed on an aircraft going on an international flight or a domestic flight.

The Modules offered by PB Driver Training are carried out by Bruce Wicks, his DfT approval through BWTTC can be found on The DfT website, following the strict guidelines laid down by The Department of Transport.

This course is in conjunction with BWTTC

Training can be delivered at our Training Centre in Pucklechurch, or at your premises providing there are adequate classroom facilities. All candidates must have a working command of the English Language.

To ensure that those who handle air cargo and those with specific responsibilities for its security understand the requirements, are aware of their responsibilities and know how to exercise them.

Course Content

  • Module 1 (Part 1) – General Awareness
  • Module 1 (Part 2) – Organisation of Aviation Security
  • Module 1 (Part 3) – Principles of Air Cargo Security
  • Module 1 (Part 4) – Responding to Suspicious Circumstances
  • Module 1 (Part 5) – Reacting to Threat Warnings
  • Module 1 (Part 6) – Drivers of Vehicles


  • Module 2 – Access Control, Cargo Protection and Patrolling Controlled Areas
  • Module 4 – Recognition of Firearms and Explosives
  • Module 5 – Methods of Concealment
  • Module 6 – Methods of Making Cargo Known


  • Level A – Office Staff – 3 hours 08.00- 11.00
  • Level B – Drivers – 4 hours 08.00 – 12.00
  • Level D – Warehouse Staff – 6 hours Level 08.00 – 15.00Documentation
    Individual DFT certificates are supplied upon successful completion as evidence of formal training.Refresher – half day course available
    Every 2 years.A background or pre-employment check MUST be completed before a person undergoes any security training this involves access to information which is not publicly available.Can now count as 7 hours Driver CPC Periodic Training.




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